Shannon Andersen Butalla Honored by NeighborWorks Lincoln: A True Community Advocate

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In the heartland of America, where communities are tightly knit and the spirit of unity prevails, individuals like Shannon Andersen Butalla stand out as beacons of hope and change. Recently, Shannon was honored by NeighborWorks Lincoln, a non-profit community housing development organization with a profound commitment to affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization. Her recognition as the 2023 Real Estate Advocate at the NeighborWorks of Lincoln Opening Doors event shines a spotlight on her tireless efforts to make a difference in the communities she serves.

NeighborWorks Lincoln: A Force for Opportunity and Inclusion

NeighborWorks Lincoln is more than just a housing development organization; it's a force for opportunity and inclusion in the community. Their vision is clear: a future where every child and adult has access to a quality affordable home in a strong, socially-connected neighborhood. This vision is the cornerstone of a healthy and equitable city, and NeighborWorks Lincoln is working relentlessly towards making it a reality.

Expanding Affordable Housing and Strengthening Neighborhoods: A Noble Mission

NeighborWorks Lincoln's mission is not just a statement but a call to action. They improve lives by expanding affordable housing opportunities and strengthening neighborhoods. It's a mission that encompasses a commitment to making housing accessible, and dignified, and a catalyst for positive change. NeighborWorks Lincoln doesn't just build houses; they build homes and vibrant communities.

Core Values: Guiding Principles for Positive Change

NeighborWorks Lincoln is guided by a set of core values that serve as the compass for their work:

  1. Accountable: Positive impact is achieved through a commitment to themselves, one another, participants, neighbors, and the community. Accountability is the key to progress.

  2. Accessible: They meet neighbors and neighborhoods where they are, working hand in hand with partners and participants to ensure accessibility to housing solutions.

  3. Dignified: Every service delivered is contextual, useful, and non-stigmatizing, expediting an equitable and inclusive Lincoln where dignity is preserved.

  4. Advocates: NeighborWorks Lincoln is deeply committed to understanding the history of the communities they serve and leveraging their privilege to facilitate change and opportunity alongside the community.

  5. Innovators: They remain committed to continuous learning, experimentation, evaluation, and dissemination, always seeking innovative ways to achieve their mission.

Shannon Andersen Butalla: A Community Builder and Advocate

In the midst of NeighborWorks Lincoln's unwavering dedication to community betterment, Shannon Andersen Butalla stands as a shining example of someone who has taken up the torch to make a real impact. Recognized as the 2023 Real Estate Advocate, Shannon's dedication to her work and her community has not gone unnoticed.

Shannon's commitment to the mission of NeighborWorks Lincoln is exemplary. Her tireless efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing and strengthen neighborhoods align perfectly with NeighborWorks Lincoln's vision and values. She has become a true community builder, working diligently to open doors for people to achieve their dreams of home ownership and contribute to strong and inclusive neighborhoods.

A Proud Moment for Nebraska Realty

Nebraska Realty Lincoln, where Shannon is an agent, proudly supports her and shares in the mission of NeighborWorks Lincoln. As a "Community Builder" sponsor for the NeighborWorks of Lincoln Opening Doors event, Nebraska Realty demonstrates its commitment to affordable housing and strong neighborhoods. Their partnership with NeighborWorks Lincoln reaffirms the power of collaboration in creating positive change within our communities.

Shannon Andersen Butalla's recognition as the 2023 Real Estate Advocate by NeighborWorks Lincoln is a testament to her unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of those she serves. NeighborWorks Lincoln's mission to expand affordable housing and strengthen neighborhoods aligns perfectly with the values Shannon embodies. Together, they are a force for opportunity and inclusion, building a brighter future for all in Lincoln, Nebraska. Congratulations to Shannon Andersen Butalla and a heartfelt thank you to NeighborWorks Lincoln for their impactful work in our communities.